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Senior League News

The Senior League A Side beat Bankenveld in the play-offs at Kriel on Saturday, 13 June 2015.

The Team comprised:

  • Dave Plant (Captain)
  • Kevin Canny
  • Alex Crawford
  • Otto Weigelt
  • Barry Woollett
  • Michael Dugmore
  • Eric du Toit

They meet Tweefontein B at Greenside this Saturday, 27 June 2015 in the semi-finals.

We wish you all the best.

Results For June

Witbank Golf Club Results
Mens Results

Date & Day: 16 June 2015     Sponser:  Club BB Scramble Drive

1.  D. Du Plessis/J. Du Plessis                           54 PTS
2. W. Roos/D Potgieter                                       53PTS
3.  D. Esterhuizen/J. Tanner                             51 PTS
4. K. Jackso/A. Weigelt                                      49PTS
5. E. Engelbrecht/B. Barnard                           48O/C

Men & Women Longest Drive  NO:  17       E. Engelbrecht
Men & Women Nearest to Pin  NO:  4         A. Nieuwoudt
Men & Women Nearest to Pin  NO:  14       E.  Engelbrecht
Date & Day: 19 June 2015     Sponser:   Club Comp.  I.P.S.

1. W. Roos                            22 PTS
2. C.  Basson                        19O/C

Date & Day: 20 June 2015     Sponser:   The Ridge Casino I.P.S

1. K. Crawford                            42 O/C
2.  J. Dauth                                 42 O/C
3. K. Patterson                           39O/C
4. B. Woodlette                          39O/C
5. M. Introna                              38O/C

Ball Pool:  1.  Ken Crawford
Mario Introna

Ladies Results:

Date & Day: 20 June 2015     Sponser:   The Ridge Casino I.P.S.

1. Betty de Wet                            39 PTS
2. Jeanette v.d. Burgh                34 PTS

Wed Methodist Church Mini 11:30 – 13:00 I.P.S
Fri Club Competition Sundowner 9 Holes only I.P.S
Sat Eastside Coal 07:30 – 8:30 & 11:30 – 13:30 I.P.S
Tue Probus Golf  9 holes only


Weekly Results Update

Mens Results

Day: 10 June 2015     Sponsor:   KOHLER AUTO  I.P.S.

1. Johan Claasens           38 PTS
2. John Robinson           36 O/C
3. Justin van Dyk           36 O/C
4. M.J. Badenhorst        36 O/C

Day: 12 June 2015     Spons0r:   CUPPUCCINO’s I.P.S

1. Mario Introna             22 PTS
2. Justin van Dyk           19 PTS

Day: 13 June 2015     Sponsor:   GANI’s I.P.S.

1. K. Crawford                 40 PTS
2. J. Simmons                 39 PTS
3. S. Van Heerden          37 O/C
4. S. Kleitman                 37 PTS

Ladies Results:

Day: 09 June 2015     Sponser:   MRS SCRAP HOLDINGS I.P.S.

1. G. Schutte                   34 PTS
2. Z. De Wet                   34 PTS

Putting:  G Schutte
2 Club:   E Linde

Weekly Results Update

Mens Results

Date:    03 June 2015                    Sponsor:   SUDOR COAL  I.P.S.


Philip Dunn

1.  Sarel van Heerden                           37 O/C
2.  M.J. Badenhorst                              37 O/C
3.  Duppie du Plessis                            37
4.  Alex Crawford                                  36

Date:    05 June 2015                    Sponsor:   CAPPUCCINOS I.P.S

1.  Xander Basson                                  17 O/C
2.  Gavin Light                                    17

Date:    06 June 2015                    Sponsor:   MRS SCRAP HOLDINGS I.P.S.

Best Nett:  A.L. Edwards (App)          65 Nett
Best Gross:  Xander Basson                73 Gross

A:  Div

1.  E. Du Toit                                    73 Nett O/C
2.  Theo Uys                                      73 Nett

B:  Div

1.   Billy Lee                                     71 Nett
2.  Alex Crawford                                  72 Nett

C:  Div

1.  Gerald Corns                                   73 Nett
2.  Joe Mnisi(app)                                 75 Nett

Ball Pool:

1.  A.L Edwards
2.  E. Du Toit

Ladies Results:

Date:    02 June 2015                    Sponsor:  MacSteel I.P.S.

1.  Jenny Lynn                                     39 PTS
2.  Rene Pieterse                                  35 PTS
3.   Denise Diesel                                 33 PTS

New Business Framework Launched







This mission statement is now adopted and guides all efforts of staff and committee members alike.


Likewise, the following business objectives were adopted.

Restore the quality of the greens and improve greenkeeping
Improve management of newly acquired carts
Improve security
Maintain buildings
Grow membership and formalise youth development
Attract sponsors and fund raiser community days
Maximise income from existing assets
Restore financial viability


Promotional vehicles that will be used to address business objectives are:

Assist with updating/finalising member database
Actively pursue members to pay membership subscriptions
Updating the website
Creating a succinct Facebook page
Create a database of sponsors and community based organisations that raise funds via golf days and treat them as “Key Customers”.
Increased press releases
Advertising on golf course
Promotional Flyers if necessary

Promotional strategies will include in order of priority:

Rectify telephony system to reinstate traditional contact No 013 656 5031
Assist with updating/finalising member database
Actively pursue members to pay membership subscriptions
Update website with correct contact details and findings as per marketing audit and thereafter manage ‘hits’.
Likewise create succinct Facebook page
Prepare a promotional article for release to press
Prepare a sales sheet containing all relevant information pertaining to club such as membership fees, tariffs for sponsor/community based days and other interesting golf course information such as our Conference Facility/Hall/Pro Shop/Bar, Patio and Half Way house
Actively pursue sponsors and community organisations in conjunction with Fixture list planners.

Witbank Golf Club Looking Good at 108 Years

The 108 year old Witbank Golf Club, in defiance of urban creep is looking as good as ever and in 2015 has adopted a mission statement which reads quite simply to ‘provide an enjoyable golf experience to member’s guests and competitors’.

Golf DayThis is made possible with 18 recently rebuilt greens that are now bedded in and compare with the best the province have to offer, set in a well wooded course, home to over 40 species of birds, a resident merecat on the 11th, several water features, one being the short 8th which is largely regarded as the signature hole of the course.

A unique feature of the course is undulating fairways on holes 11 and 12 caused when surface ground subsided after being undermined in the early part of the 20th century, this indelibly stamping the club as being part of the Mpumalanga Coalfields history.

This manicured 18 hole golf course, the venue of many Pro Am tournaments over the years has played host to almost all of South Africa’s top professionals including Gary Player and Ernie Els, is supported by a Pro shop that is stocked with golf accessories and managed by resident professional golfer Leon Bothma, well able to tweak the swing and offer golf lessons at reasonable prices.

In addition the stately clubhouse offers all modern amenities including a modern conference centre with an accommodation capacity of 120, but also ideal for smaller more intimate groups.

The pleasant bar facility leading out to a patio where enjoying sundowners will take in the wonderful views of the 9th, 10th and 18th fairways. The half-way house restaurant is legendary for good quality meals at reasonable prices.

Good quality golf carts are available for hire on a course par rated at 71, featuring T boxes for men, ladies and senior golfers on some holes. Open 7days per week with secure parking available controlled by a manned boom gate and additional security measures have been introduced on the course to ensure golfer safety.
For community based organisations such as schools, churches and charities wishing to raise funds, the Witbank Golf Course is the ideal venue and management would be happy to discuss and advise on formats to suit the fund raiser.

There are a host of exciting promotional opportunities for the commercial, industrial and mining sectors to advertise their products and services on the golf course or simply to entertain their customers.

The club offers club competitions on Wednesdays, Friday afternoons, Saturdays and some Sundays supported by wonderful sponsors who are content to promote their businesses to golfers, many of whom are successful captains of industry and major decision makers.

Members are the lifeblood of any golf course and residents of Witbank and surrounds are urged to take advantage of recently reduced membership and playing fees by contacting the club for a membership category that will suit needs.

For any enquiries please contact Ms Melinda van Stryp on Tel 013 656 5109 or on email, visit our website  and ‘like’our Facebook page.

Witbank Golf Club Successfully Re-launched

Witbank_Golf_Day_Invite2014Aug281After months of planning and preperation, The Witbank Golf Club was successfully re-launched amidst much fanfare and celebration on the 24th of September 2014.

To coincide with the re-launch, new branding, a new logo and a refreshed website was also introduced to the public.

We would like to thank our members, sponsors, suppliers, staff and everyone who worked tirelessly to make our re-launch a success.

Thank you.